Friday, February 3, 2012

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear

Dear University Of Illinois Vegetarians, i hope you will seriously consider the benefits of helping to make arrangements that could provide Vegan Gary Yourofsky with the opportunity to speak to students at the University.

The impressive results of his 2,286 FREE lectures means Gary's powerful and enlightening message about the true meaning of animal rights has been heard by well over 60,000 students in 176 schools in 30 states.

Now there is no doubt that Gary's presentation is the most powerful, informative and passionate speech ever conducted about ethical veganism!

See why this incredible and convincing 70 minute speech has already persuaded many school students and many of their friends and family members to become vegans---

The speech has also received over 1,080,000 Youtube hits and the hits are rising rapidly throughout the United States and in many foreign countries with subtitles.

Gary is currently available to speak on May 2nd or May 4th and the classes he usually speaks in are philosophy, ethics, sociology, composition, women's studies, nutrition, health and wellness, holistic health, and spiritual health.

Classes should have at least 20 students and can be as large as 150 students or more and should consist mostly of students that *eat meat and or dairy products*

The 70 minute lecture is followed by a question and answer period that generally lasts for about 30 minutes or longer,if it is appropriate.

If May 2nd or May 4th are not convenient I am sure Gary can work out another schedule that would be more convenient for you.

Please visit Gary Yourofsky's web site which is loaded with many links about this important subject. ( )

Please contact Gary at his email address or me for more information and or to schedule a speaking engagement at the University of Illinois--( )

Arthur Poletti
Illinois ---
Cell Phone--708-738-1944